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"My Brand is literally my name and whatever I put my name on, I put my all into."

Meet Tonia Sims, owner of TLS Weddings and Special Events, located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Upon meeting Tonia, one would think this soft spoken Southern event planner’s work simply falls among the ranks of other common event planners. Nothing could be further from the truth. This “powerhouse of event planning” has gained a name for herself, a reputable one at that. Mention TLS to anyone in the state, and surrounding ones for that matter, and you will witness bright eyes and wide smiles. TLS is Sims’ initials. “My brand is literally my name,” proclaims Sims. “and whatever I put my name on, I put my all into.” This business mindset has helped elevate Sims’ brand and has encouraged many to simply say, “Yes to TLS.”

Clients simply tell Sims their desires and she magically makes their wildest dreams come to fruition. Her social media pages are filled with testaments from clients who were awed by her work. “I am my biggest critic. Therefore, I give one thousand percent. When clients walk into a venue, I want them to be more than pleased with my work. I want them to walk in and see a million times beyond their expectations. When I get ‘that look’, I know I have done my job.” From carousels in the middle of The Venue by the Bayou’s (which is her venue) dance floor for a kid’s carnival-themed birthday party to a pink Volkswagen Beetle filled with ranunculus and roses for a drive by bridal shower, Sims can accommodate any theme for any event. According to Sims, “My clients aren’t just my clients. They are all a blessing and I am grateful for each and every one of them.”



We are proudly featured in a number of publications.

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